Anna Leigh Biedenbender is an artist currently based in the Twin Cities, MN (Studio #244 in the Northrup King Building, NE Minneapolis). Anna holds a B.A. from Wisconsin Lutheran College and an M.F.A. from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has worked with several college mentor programs, grant programs, art galleries, and art organizations, including the Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network in Wisconsin. Anna is also a classically trained soprano and often sings while she works.

Artist Statement

I am interested in the human condition. Specifically, I question one’s ability to be vulnerable and empathetic with others. In my work I dissolve figure/ground relationships into compositions of gestural line and mark. These compositions have tensions between figuration and abstraction, and fluctuate between the ephemeral and the concrete.

I work from multiple sources – referencing photographs, direct observation, and other renderings. I combine and translate this information through painting and drawing. This process is part depiction, improvisation, and alteration, so the work hovers between clarity and obscurity. Through this process, I am able to reflect on the intersections of personal identity, sanctuary, and relationship.


Please contact for inquiries or commissions:  anna.biedenbender@gmail.com

Or set up a time to meet at her studio: #244, Northrup King Building, NE Minneapolis

Recent Commission – 2017